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Certifed Car Nut Randy Farnsworth has been hooked since the tender age of 12. When my Dad bought a 1967 Mercury Cougar GT back in the day and that's when things got going for me. Both my brother Kent and I learned to drive very early at 'The Ranch' with an old Willy's Jeep. We have fond memories of street racing (shhh!) and long burn outs in my Mom's 1964 Cadillac! My Dad had several cool cars, from the Mercedes 280 SL I took my drivers test in to 450 SL, 500SEL and used to have a Ferrari 246 GTS Dino for a daily driver!

In high school I was crazy about Rotary Engines and had a Mazda RX-3 and it was pretty quick. Many people lost to my orange RX-3 including late model Corvettes and Porsches. Raced my RX-4 at the Austin Hill Climb and won every time. I used to frequent Porter Raceway, Houston Raceway Park in the 70's, including some of my motorcycles.

While I am not a mechanic, I consider myself an enthusiast and like to tinker but drive my cars, they don't sit for long. I have done the Petty Nascar Experience in Las Vegas in the #20 Home Depot car formerly driven by Joey Logano. Also have done the Corvette driving experience in Houston years ago and this past year drove at COTA with Cadillac V models, what a blast.

Little Dog Garage is managed by Pixie,she loves the garage! The garage is 1107 s.f. and fully conditioned with a/c and heat, including two 7000 lb. four post lifts. I can fit four cars on the lifts and two daily drivers on the other side. This site is just a hobby!

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